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Year 2 - Armstrong

Welcome to Armstrong Class page


Our teacher is Mrs Pagett and we are lucky to have a fantastic team of teaching assistants: Mrs Smith, Mrs Ollerhead and Mrs Murphy.


Important information

Our library day is now on Tuesday.

P.E. is also on Monday. Please remember P.E. kits must be in school everyday as other activities can be on other days.

Year 2 take part in Forest schools on Tuesday.


We have lots of exciting things planned this year so don't forget to keep popping back to look at our class pages to see what we have been up to.



Summer 2

Our topic this half term is Nocturnal animals.


Forest school dates

This half term Forest School will be on the following dates:

Tues 6th June

Wed 21st June - Harmony woods

Tues 11th July


Forest school - Tues 20th June

Today we were supposed to go to Harmony Woods for the morning but it was too hot so we stayed on our school Forest school site.  We had a fantastic morning choosing our activities to complete.  Some of us were weaving with Willow, there was den building, bug hunting and lots of fun in the mud kitchen.  Click here to see some photos.



Animal Workshop - Tues 6th June

Today we launched our Nocturnal Animals topic by going over to Roman Way to attend an animal workshop.  We saw 6 different animals: a barn owl, a hedgehog, a gecko, an opossum, a jerboa and a sugar glider.  The children loved seeing all of the animals and learnt so many facts.  What a great way to launch our topic - click here to see photos from the morning.


Forest school - Tues 6th June

In forest school today we were doing 'leaf whapping'.  This is when you get a leaf, put it onto a piece of wood, cover it with some white cloth and then hit it with a hammer.  The sap from the leaf comes out of it leaving an imprint of the leaf on the cloth.  It was great fun and we made some great prints.  Click here to see the photos.


Summer 1

Our topic this half term is all about growing plants.  We will be launching our topic with a trip to Hillier's Arboretum on Wed 26th April.


Forest school dates

This half term we Forest School will be on:

Tues 25th April

Tues 16th May


Gymnastics - Thurs 26th May

All week Year 2 have been learning how to make 5 different gymnastic shapes:  pike, straddle, star, tuck and straight.  The children then created their own sequence of moves on both the benches and the tables.  We performed to the other Year 2 class and they were brilliant.  Click here to see photos.


Forest School - Tues 16th May

Today we learnt how to identify different flowers and trees on the Forest School site using identification cards.  We also spent time in the mud kitchen, building dens, rolling down the hill and having fun with imaginative play!  A really fun session - click here to see some photos.


Hiller's trip - Wed 26th April

What a fun day we had today!  We learnt lots of facts about plants and trees through playing different games. These included seed survival, tree identification and foodwebs.  We also completed a long walk around the grounds and made art using natural things that we found such as leaves, petals and twigs.  Click here to see photos from the day.


Forest school - Tues 25th April

Today some of us planted some wild flowers in the site to encourage bees and other insects to visit.  It was hard work but we had lots of fun.  We also spent time exploring the site, using the hammock, climbing the log piles and making delicious food in the mud kitchen!  A great morning, despite the cold - click here to see the photos.

Spring 2

Our topic this half term is the Great Fire of London. 


Forest School Dates

This half term our dates for Forest School will be:

Tues 14th March

Tues 28th March


Forest School Tues 28th March

Today we were learning about fire safety to fit in with our topic.  We learnt how to move around the fire safely and how to shelter our eyes from the smoke.  We then had the fun job of toasting our own marshmallows on the fire with an adult, making sure that we were kneeling down and resting our sticks on the logs surrounding the fire.  We made smores with our toasted marshmallows which were delicious!!   Mr Henderson then showed us how to safely put the fire out, teaching us the science of the triangle of things a fire needs - fuel, oxygen and heat.  We had a great morning and loved the cooking!   Click here to see photos. 


World Book Day - 2nd March

We celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as different book characters - we all looked great!  In the afternoon the children shared their favourite book with a friend and explained why it was their favourite book.  We also made up our own class stories using story cards.  Click here to see some photos from the day.


Drama Workshop - 1st March

As part of our World Book Day celebrations we were lucky enough to have a Storyteller visit the school.  The children all took part in a drama workshop about the traditional story of The Three Billy Goat's Gruff.  All of the children took part in the session and lots of fun was had by all.  Click here to see some photos from the session.

Spring 1

Our topic this half term is From One Extreme to Another where we will be learning about the Arctic and Antarctica.


Forest school Tues 14th Feb

Today we went off site to the woods just outside of school so we could do some tree identification.  The children had picture cards to help them identify the different types of trees growing in the woods.  We also had lots of fun playing a game where we had to creep up on a watcher, hiding behind the trees and shrubs so that we weren't seen.  We only had a certain  number of attempts to reach the watch - it was great fun!  Click here to see photos.


Forest school Tues 31st Jan

Today the children braved the cold and wet weather!  Linking to our topic the children learnt how explorers could make food by boiling water and then rehydrating soup and pasta.  The children learnt how to use Kelly kettles to boil the water and then once made all the children tried the different food.  In the session today the children also made some dens and made the most of the mud!  Lots of fun was had by all - click here to see the photos.


Science week - Mon 23rd Jan - Fri 27th Jan

This week we had Science week.  Every afternoon we completed a different science experiment linked to our topic.  We investigated how waterproof different materials were, if objects floated better in salt or fresh water and what material would help to melt ice the best.   We even made our own toothpaste, investigating what ingredients made the toothpaste clean better!  As the week went on the children became more independent in their planning of the experiments, thinking about the elements that they should change, what needed to stay the same and how they would measure the results.  It was a great week - lots of fun and we learnt lots too!  Click here to see some photos from the week.


Forest school Tues 17th Jan

Linking to our topic we started to develop our survival skills.  Working in small groups we built shelters using tarpaulin and rope, learning how to tie different knots.  We then collected wood to build our own 'fire' making sure we had the three types of wood: matchstick; pencil; finger.  Even though it was very cold it was lots of fun.  Click here to see photos of our morning.

Street Dance

Year 2 were learning a street dance using music from 'High School Musical.' We linked some of the dance moves with our other PE unit - netball.

We invited parents in to watch our performance and we had a great turn out! Click here to look at some photos.

Polar Day - Wednesday 5th January

We launched our new topic with an exciting Polar Day.  A Polar explorer, Nabs, came to talk to us about his expeditions to the Arctic and taught us about how animals can keep warm in the freezing weather.  We then completed an experiment where we made 'blubber gloves' to prove that a layer of blubber can keep you warm in icy water - it was great fun! 

We all became Rockhopper penguins when we made our very own penguin masks.  They looked amazing when we had finished.  Take a look at the photos!

After watching some video clips about animals that live in the Arctic and Antarctica we sorted pictures of different animals using a Venn diagram.  We found out that the only animal that lives in both places is an Orca and that polar bears and penguins never meet as they live in opposite places!

We ended the day with an assembly where Nabs showed us all the clothes that you need to wear to keep warm in the Polar regions.  Two volunteers dressed up in some of the clothes and it certainly kept them warm!

It was fantastic day and we learnt lots.  Click here to see some of the photos from the day.

Autumn 2

Our topic this term is Home and Away where we will be looking at Andover for the home part and Uganda as the away part. 

Forest School - 29th November

It was a cold and frosty morning when we did Forest Schools today.  Some children helped MrHenderson to start digging the area for a mud kitchen whilst others hunted for worms and other bugs.  There was some fantastic role play with children pretending to toast marshmallows on a fire and we even has music courtesy of some of the children creating their own musical instruments out of sticks.   Click here to see the photos.

Trip to Andover

As part of our topic we went on a trip to Andover to look closely at the shops, transport and food around the town.   We also spent some time looking at the church and war memorials.  To link with our computing we took turns to take photographs of different features of the town.  Click here to see some of our photos.

Forest School - 8th November

Today we started to make our own version of 'Ugandan dolls' to link with our topic.  It was the first time we have been outside doing forest school when it has been really cold, but we wrapped up warm and still had a great time!  Click here to see the pictures.

Autumn 1


Chinese Food tasting. 

As part of our topic Around the World in 80 days we have been learning about China.  We tried some different Chinese food - it was good fun!

Forest School - First session - 13 Sep 2016

Every fortnight we will be taking part in Forest School.  This gives the children the opportunity to learn outdoors, learning new skills and grow in confidence in assessing and taking risks.

Click on the title above to view pictures in the gallery.


Forest School -  Shelter Building - 4 Oct 2016

Today we were making shelters for our stickmen.  The children made amazing shelters wit the most fantastic features.  Take a look at the pictures by clicking on the title above.


Forest School - Making Stick Bread - 10 Oct 2016

What a great time we had today!  We made our own stick bread.  The children had to roll the dough, put it onto a stick and cook their bread in the fire.  All the children loved making the bread and all agreed it was delicious.  If you want to make your own the recipe is 100g self raising flour, 100 ml of water and 1 heaped tablespoon of sugar.  Mix together and leave to prove overnight.  Click here to see the photos of our cooking.