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Year 2 - Morgan

Welcome to Morgan Class!


Our teachers this year are Mrs Williams (working Monday-Wednesday) and Mrs Lawrence (working Wednesday-Friday).  Our class teaching assistant is Mrs Jones and we are very lucky to have support from Mrs Ollerhead and Mrs Smith during the mornings. 


Key information

Our library session is every Monday morning.

Outdoor PE is every Monday.  Please ensure that your child has their PE kit in everyday however.

Forest School sessions will be every other Tuesday.  The school will text you before our Forest School session to remind you to bring in a spare change of clothes (long sleeved top, trousers and socks) and a pair of wellies all within a named bag.



Please keep coming back to visit our class page for updates and photographs of our class.


Forest School Photographs

Summer 2

This half term our topic is Nocturnal animals.  We will be looking at different nocturnal animals and learning about them.


Forest Schools - Wednesday 7th June

Today we created our own artwork through 'leaf whopping'.  We collected leaves and flowers from outside, placed them on a tree stump and put some fabric on top of them.  We then very carefully used a hammer to press down on the flowers and leaves to create our own pictures!  They look amazing.  Click here to look at some of these as well as other photos of today.  Some of our own led activities involved a café, making chocolate cake and cookies and also a jet ski! 


Animal Workshop - Tues 6th June

Today we launched our Nocturnal Animals topic by going over to Roman Way to attend an animal workshop. We saw 6 different animals: a barn owl, a hedgehog, a gecko, an opossum, a jerboa and a sugar glider. The children loved seeing all of the animals and learnt so many facts. What a great way to launch our topic - click here to see photos from the morning.


Spring 2


Forest Schools - Wednesday 15th March

Today in forest schools we made some jewellery.  We used the tools very carefully to cut our wood, then took the middle sections of the wood out with a tent peg to make a hollow bead.  After this, we used a peeler to peel the edge of the wood away, to create a green or white colour.  Finally we threaded our pieces of wood onto a sting to make either a bracelet or necklace!  Click here to look at some of the photos. 


Spring 1


Forest Schools - Tuesday 7th February

Click here to look at some photos.


Maths - 3D shapes (Tuesday 7th February)

We have been learning about 3-D shapes in maths.  Our main focus was the language used to describe 3-D shapes., such as edges, faces and vertices.  

We used our new mathematical vocabulary whilst creating 3-D shapes using Polydron.  Some of us went on to creating 3D shapes with spaghetti and mini marshmallows.  We had to think carefully about how many edges a particular shape has to determine how many pieces of spaghetti we needed and how many vertices the shape had as to how many mini marshmallows we needed.

We had loads of fun!  Click here to take a look at some photos from our lessons.



Polar Day - Wednesday 5th January

We launched our new topic with an exciting Polar Day. A Polar explorer, Nabs, came to talk to us about his expeditions to the Arctic and taught us about how animals can keep warm in the freezing weather. We then completed an experiment where we made 'blubber gloves' to prove that a layer of blubber can keep you warm in icy water - it was great fun!

We all became Rockhopper penguins when we made our very own penguin masks. They looked amazing when we had finished. Take a look at the photos!

After watching some video clips about animals that live in the Arctic and Antarctica we sorted pictures of different animals using a Venn diagram. We found out that the only animal that lives in both places is an Orca and that polar bears and penguins never meet as they live in opposite places!

We ended the day with an assembly where Nabs showed us all the clothes that you need to wear to keep warm in the Polar regions. Two volunteers dressed up in some of the clothes and it certainly kept them warm!

It was fantastic day and we learnt lots. Click here to see some of the photos from the day.


Year 2 - Street Dance

Year 2 were learning a  street dance using music from 'High School Musical.'  We linked some of the dance moves with our other PE unit - netball. 

We invited parents in to watch our performance and we had a great turn out!  Click here to look at some photos.


Forest Schools - Kelly kettles (24.01.17)

Linking to our topic 'From one Extreme to Another' we have been learning about survival skills.  On Tuesday we learnt about how Explorers keep warm and safe.  We learnt about what Explorers may have to eat when on an expedition and so we boiled water to make soup with a Kelly kettle, similar to the hydration packs that are used.  Click here to look at some photos from this session. 

Autumn 2

 This half term our topic is 'Home and Away'.  Within this topic, we will be comparing and contrasting Andover with Ibanda in Uganda. 

We have had a trip into Andover to look at what we have in our home town.  We looked at the shops we have, houses and food. 

Soon, we will be looking at objects from Uganda and talking to one of the teachers who has visited Uganda. 


PE during Autumn 2

We have 2 PE sessions this half term,  Indoor PE is New Age Kurling on Mondays and our outdoor PE is Uni-hoc on Thursdays.   Please ensure that your child always has a full PE kit in school to enable them to participate.  As the weather is a lot colder now, please can children have jogging bottoms and a jumper to wear for outdoor PE to keep them warm. 

Forest School 22.11.16. Today we explored the new environment and started to make some Ugandan Dolls.

Click Here to see photos.

Uganda Drama 07.12.16

Today, Mr Lloyd worked with us for our 'Home and Away' topic.  Mr Lloyd helped us to imagine what life is like in Uganda,  We acted out a typical day, including the chores that the children have to do, collecting water, walking (for an hour) to and from school, cutting grass to feed the cows and much more.  Click here to look at the photos.