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Religious Education at Endeavour


At Endeavour, we follow the agreed syllabus for Hampshire, Portsmouth, Southampton and the Isle of Wight. Please find the Living Difference IV document below. We aim to give children the skills, knowledge and self-belief to change their world.


Religious Education at Endeavour seeks to uncover to children what a religious way of looking and existing in the world offers to others and could offer to them, individually and collectively. It ensures that our children have the ability to develop understanding, show compassion and learn to respect those that have different beliefs to themselves. We aim to support how children speak, think and act in this multifaith world. We enable them to first think about their own experiences and that of others, empowering them to engage with material, concepts and stories that are new to them.


There are many skills that we promote in Religious Education at Endeavour. Children are first introduced to a concept then apply this to their own lives and experiences being able to reflect, respond and express their own opinions and beliefs. They then are able to enquire and contextualise this concept linking it to a specific faith becoming critical thinkers and being able to push boundaries with thinking. Finally, children evaluate, understanding the similarities and differences between their understanding and other faiths. We want children to be able to make connections within and across religions and world views.


Children are taught to ask questions about different religions, traditions and cultures around the world. Across the school year, we aim to make RE relevant, studying real events giving children engaging and fulfilling opportunities. We believe children learn best from real experiences to capture the imagination and encourage curiosity.  RE Assemblies bring to light current celebrations, holidays and traditions in order to develop children's understanding. We aim for children to develop and impact their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development every day whilst being at Endeavour.


Living Difference IV Document