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Reading Curriculum


Reading is at the heart of our curriculum at Endeavour Primary School as we believe that being a confident reader provides children with fundamental life skills and broadens their horizons.  We ensure that children are exposed to a wide range of high-quality texts through school through our well thought out and organised reading curriculum. Reading in EYFS is supported by play-based activities to ensure that children use language patterns in their play. In addition, they learn a wide range of nursery rhymes and poems to support their language development. In KS1, children continue their journey through traditional tales but also read a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction to support the integrated curriculum which is heavily supported through phonics to secure their decoding and fluency skills. In kS2, the children are immersed in a diverse range of exciting and challenging texts including modern and heritage fiction and interesting and unusual non-fiction texts. We teach our reading through 'Reading Workshop' which allows children to study a book as a class, whilst developing key reading skills.