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Endeavour Primary is twinned with Ibanda Primary School.  Ibanda Primary  is in the Ibanda Valley, South West Uganda, quite close to the Congolese border.  It is in a very beautiful part of Uganda, in the foothills of the Rwenzori mountains. In these mountains there is the third highest peak in African and a mountain glacier, right on the equator!  The Rwenzori mountains create quite a lot of rain, so with the tropical climate and rain, the local people have two harvests every year. They grow mangoes, pineapples, bananas, sweet potatoes and most of the families have a small farm where the children help with the cultivation and the animals after school and in the holidays.


In September 2012 an exchange teacher Mr Muthulhanda visited our school.  Pupils in Ibanda Primary and Endeavour Primary took photographs of their homes, families, themselves and their activities, and these were exhibited last year in an exhibition called ‘Pictures of Our Lives’. We believe this is the first time such a thing has been done, and the pupils loved seeing their own photographs alongside those taken by their Ugandan friends.


Classes at  Endeavour have sent letters and photographs regularly to their twin classes and this year we hope to link the two schools via e mail, as well as sending an exchange teacher from Endeavour out to Uganda to develop curriculum links in July.

The link between the schools is supported by Education Uganda, a charity run by a former teacher. To find out more about Education Uganda’s work, you could visit their website: