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Social, Emotional and Mental Health Support

 We have embedded social, emotional and mental health into our curriculum and we value this at Endeavour Primary School and how important this is to a child’s well-being. This is why we have a curriculum that supports and offers all children a safe, healthy and happy environment and curriculum. 



Thrive is an approach to the early identification of emotional development and build resilience and growth mind-set in children. Research shows that support within the curriculum such as Thrive decreases the risk of mental illness and supports children to engage with learning. 


At Endeavour Primary we are planning for Thrive to be embedded into the curriculum and all children to have a deeper understanding of brain development so that children support and have empathy for each other. 


Thrive is a new learning journey for Endeavour which we begun in September 19. We are slowly embedding this into our curriculum for all children as well as supporting individual children with gaps in their social and emotional development. 


Lego Therapy:

Lego Therapy is an intervention that supports children in school with friendships, sharing, following instructions and giving instructions as well as listening and attention skills. 


The programme is planned for 6 weeks and is reviewed at the end of 6 weeks. The staff member is trained in Lego Therapy and works with children across the school. Lego Therapy is a programme that can support children from year 1- year 6 and school staff can refer children for the programme. The SENDCo/ Inclusion Leader oversees the provision and the progress made. 



School Dogs: 

Both King and Kirk Campus have school dogs.


Toffee is at King and is still a puppy. Toffee is in the very early stages of training and working with children so the children may take Toffee for a walk or read to him. As Toffee grows he will be part of the Endeavour School community and she will work with all the children at different times during the school year. She will also work with individual children on a 1:1 basis or small group depending on the learning. 


Murray is 5 years old and is a chocolate Labrador. He is experienced in therapy work and has started working with children on a 1:1 basis. The children might take him for a walk, read to him or talk to him. He comes into school two days a week to work with children.


All children that work with the dogs 1:1 have verbal permission from parents/guardians. 





We have ELSA trained staff across both Campuses who support children with emotional literacy difficulties. Children can be referred into this support by the class staff or SENDCo/ Inclusion Leader. The length of programme is approximately 6 weeks and can support children around relationships, friendships, learning and managing emotions. 


This support can be offered in small group or 1:1 support and is usually weekly. The SENDCo/ Inclusion Leader will oversee this support and will review progress of children and this will be discussed with parents/carers.