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Once a potential need has been identified, this will be discussed with parents/ carers and a Personalised Plan or Personal Support Plan will be written and shared with parents/carers. This will be shared by the Class Teacher and this might be a Parent-Teacher meeting or a separate appointment made.


The first action will be for the class teacher to provide additional support within the classroom in order to meet the child’s targets. This may include differentiated work and/or the use of additional resources or scaffolding. If more support is required then the class teacher will liaise with the Inclusion Team. Further interventions may then be put in place and the child’s progress within these will be monitored. This is regularly reviewed and discussed with parents/ carers by the Class Teacher.


Sometimes, the schools may seek advice and support from outside agencies in order to gain more knowledge or strategies to support a child. Outside agencies that we use include Hampshire Educational Psychology, Norman Gate Special School Outreach, Icknield Special School Outreach, Primary Behaviour Service, CYPMHS etc. Visits from these agencies will usually include an observation of the child, individual work and a discussion with the class teacher, inclusion team and the parents.