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What is the reading challenge?

Welcome to the Endeavour ‘12 Books’ Reading Challenge


We are challenging all the children at Endeavour to take part in our school reading challenge. Each child in each year group is set 12 different reading challenges over the course of the school year; ideally, the children will be challenging themselves to complete 2 of the challenges each half term.


The teachers will keep a copy of the challenges in school and when your child has completed one of the reading challenges, they will go to the teacher or TA in their class and tell them about which challenge they have achieved. The teachers will then sign that challenge on their sheet. As some of the challenges are practical it would be great for children to present what challenge they have completed for example, using photos or videos etc. We encourage the children to keep a record on this sheet of which challenges they have completed, which can be kept at home.


When all 12 challenges have been completed, the children will receive a special certificate in Celebration Assembly at the end of the year and be entered into an End of Year Prize Raffle Draw.


We ask you to encourage the children to engage with their reading challenge; we hope that this will promote varied and extensive reading whilst still giving the children some independence in what they choose to read.


Speak to your child’s class teacher or Miss Cartwright if you have any questions.