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Year 3 - Newton Class - Mummification!

Step 1 - washing the 'body' with water from the River Nile!

Step 2 - removing the brain through the nose using a metal hook. We had to mush the 'brain' first.

Step 3 - once the internal organs were removed the body was stuffed with natron (salt) and sawdust to dry out the body.

Step 4 - the body was then put in a bath of salt for 40 days to further dry out the body.

Step 5 - wrapping the body (once we had made our pipe-cleaner bodies). We added an amulet - the Eye of Horus - over the cut in the body. This was to protect against evil.

Wrapping the body - the head first; then the torso and each leg; then the legs were wrapped together and the arms wrapped individually; finally the whole body was wrapped in in one piece of cloth and string/rope used to hold the cloth in place..