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Resolving Issues

We want your child to enjoy coming to school and for you to be happy with our school.  If you find that you are unhappy with something at school, we really want to know about it so we can resolve it.


To help with this, we have a policy on resolving issues that we ask everyone to follow.  This helps to ensure that all issues are addressed fairly and consistently by the right people. Please help us by following this process which can be found on the policies section of the policies and procedures page on this website.

Social Media

Social media is great for sharing and keeping up to date with things that are happening. It's fun, interesting and keeps us connected.


As a school, we have a responsibility to keep our children safe and to look after our team.  When using social media, please follow these guidelines: 


- Think before you post. Social media should not be used to voice complaints against the school, policies, staff, parents or children as this is not the right place to do so.  Instead, contact the admin team and arrange an appointment to see a teacher or school leader to address any issues.


- Please use appropriate language, and never threaten or share personal opinions on anyone in the school community or about the school on social media.


- Please do not post any photos or videos of children online.


If you have any other questions, please ask the admin team.