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The Endeavour English Vision


In English, we consider these words from the actor, James Earl Jones. ‘When I read great literature, great drama, great speeches or sermons, I feel that the human mind has not achieved anything greater than the ability to share feelings and thoughts through language.’ 


At Endeavour Primary School, writing is taught daily through the context of; Project, 4 Reads or a chosen text. We teach English through a phase model approach and there are 3 phases; Immersion, Skills and Write.


 Immersion: Phase 1

1. Hook children into a purpose for writing, probably as part of the main hook.

2. Immerse children in the language and conventions of the text type.

3. Expose children to the language features which make texts effective and which will be taught during the project.


Skills: Phase 2

4. Teach children the knowledge and skills they need to write the text successfully, drawing upon the vocabulary and content provided through the project. 

5. Teach the children to plan their writing.

6. Give children the opportunity to draft/ apprentice and write a section using the skills taught.


Write: Phase 3

7. Modelling how to use a plan to write a text.

8. Ensure that children proofread and edit their writing.

9. Give the children the opportunity to present and evaluate their writing.

10.Publish some of their writing outcomes (See English Overview.)

11. Plan a site of application opportunity from the most recent project or Project before.