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Year R

In Year R we follow the children's interests and next steps to plan our topics.  Your child is at the heart of everything we do in Year R and we plan to ensure we are motivating, challenging and stimulating them to become life long learners.


Our topics come from the children and we follow the observation, assessment and planning cycle. Our continuous provision and adult led for each week are all based around interests and next steps of the children. We may ask you to complete home learning at home each term but please read with your child each day.


Please read with your child each night and encourage your child to use their sounds to help them read the words. Ensure your child understands what they are reading by having a discussion about each page:


  •  What are the characters doing?
  • What did they do/say?
  • What might happen next?
  • If you were the character what would you do?

We also have "tricky words" which must be read by sight:

  • to
  • no
  • go
  • I
  • into
  • the
  • he
  • she
  • me
  • be
  • we
  • my
  • was
  • all
  • you


Please practise your child's keywords pack every night if possible. These need to be read by sight and not sounded out. This will support your child's fluency when reading. When your child has read it 3 times consistently at school your child will colour it at school. This will demonstrate to you which words they might need a little extra support on. If you need any extra advice please pop your head round the door and we can arrange a meeting; it is not a problem!


Recognising numbers and counting to 20 is an important part of our curriculum and forms the foundation of your child's maths learning. Please point out numbers as often as possible e.g. If you are going for a walk look at the numbers on the houses. Counting accurately is vital so please count out objects often e.g. When making dinner ask your child to collect you 4 carrots, when going upstairs count them etc. If you need anymore ideas please pop into see us.


You can keep up to date on our topics by looking at our online observation website "Tapestry". This will demonstrate to you where your child is in their learning. Some observations will outline your child's next steps and you can work on these at home with your child. You have all received an e-mail inviting you to join and add observations on your child; If you have not received this e-mail please pop into see us.