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The Endeavour History Vision


It is the vision at Endeavour Primary school that the History curriculum is taught as part of the integrated curriculum throughout the school from EYFS to the end of Key Stage 2. The delivery of the History curriculum will be broad and in-depth, covering British and World history and inspiring pupils’ curiosity about the past. Children should be introduced to a variety of civilisations, eras and significant individuals in addition to exploring the history of their own local area. This knowledge should be supported by a sound understanding of chronology where comparisons are made within and across different time periods. A key focus at Endeavour is the development of tier 2 and 3 vocabulary.


The History curriculum is supported by recognition of national and worldwide events that celebrate the key events and individuals from the past e.g. Remembrance Day and Black History Month. These could be recognised through assemblies, presentations, discussions and ceremonies and will help pupils to value key contributions made by others and reflect on their own understanding of how the past influences the present.


Skills are taught progressively to ensure that children are able to understand how we learn about the past and then use that knowledge to critically assess it. There should be a strong focus on assessing cause, consequence, significance, continuity and change using a variety of different sources. At the end of Year 6, children will use the skills they have been taught by conducting their own independent enquiry.


A people without the knowledge of their past History, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.’ Political Activist Marcus Garvey.

An Endeavour Historian

  • Knowledge and understanding of people throughout History.
  • Knowledge and understanding of events in History.
  • Knowledge and Understanding contexts from historical periods.
  • Think, reflect, debate, discuss and evaluate the past.
  • A respect for historical evidence and the ability to make use of it to support their explanations and judgements.
  • A passion for History and an enthusiastic engagement in learning about the past.