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Year 6

Friday 27th March

Dear parents/children,

Here are some more resources for Week 2 (week beginning 30th March). This week's maths focus is the 4 operations (addition/subtraction/multiplication/division).

You can also find some reading and SpaG activities and topic ideas. Please continue to scroll down to find Week 1 resources as well as links to other resources.

We are all thinking about the children and hope you are keeping safe and well and enjoying the glorious weather.

Many thanks for all your continued support.

The Year 6 Team.

Week 2 - other ideas

Here are a few links to science websites and a good PE challenge.

24th March


Thought this website had some great ideas for reading and writing activities. Might be something useful.

These 'White Rose' rescurces will help with this week's maths focus which is fractions, decimals and percentages. There are lots of other resources below - please scroll down.

Saturday 21st March 2020


To the children and parents of Year 6 - thanks for all your patience and support this week. It is with a very heavy heart that school is closed for the foreseeable future and we understand how devastating it is for the children and the parents with the threat of not having a proper goodbye. We spoke to the children yesterday and we remain hopeful we will all be back before the end of the year to finish primary school properly. If this cannot happen, then I have personally promised that we will come up with some way of getting everyone together and celebrating their time at primary school. We don't know what that will be yet, and as I say, we are very hopeful it will not be necessary, but one thing the children will definitely have learned this year is that I live by my promises and we will definitely mark the occassion in some way.


Regarding school work, I'm sure you appreciate it would be impossible to supply 'packs' to nearly 600 children to potentially last 12 weeks. We will endeavour to put regular work on this page but it is important to note that there is no expectation that children are spending hours doing these activities. Making cakes, playing lego, doing the gardening, any pracical activity is learning and actually very valuable learning at this time in their life when they are becoming more independent. Please don't stress about school work.


The children are all able to contact me or their class teacher through purplemash and we encourage them to do so - and each other. We will send our classes weekly emails, checking in on them and letting them know how we are doing; we encourage them to reply as we would love to hear from them regularly.


Finally, please rest assured that we will update you with any information as soon as we have it. The executive leadership team has done an outstanding job this week in the face of adversity and I am very proud to be a year leader in this school. I promise we will keep you posted.


Please take care

Mr McBride

Welcome to Year 6 Pages

Drake, Cook and Blake

Home learning tasks 


The Year 5/6 home learning project is all about financial stability and working with money. (Outlined below)

We hope this unit is a practical support for children towards an important life skill of dealing and handling money with maturity. Tasks will be added to the to-do list daily

We suggest the children complete one task each day but it might be the case that they would like to do more (which is fine) or they might like to take longer over one particular aspect they are interested in (this is fine too.)

We hope the children engage with this topic and recognise the value of learning about financial stability. With the possibility of movement being limited over the Easter holidays, we have added more tasks as there will hopefully be children who are keen to continue their learning on this topic over the Easter holiday.

If any children would like any help or have any questions they would like to ask, teachers are available to email through PurpleMash (they know how to do this) and teachers will be checking their emails daily to help any children who might need it. Please encourage them to ask any questions, as we are only to happy to help in whatever way we can in these unusual circumstances.


All passwords and logins for Purple Mash have been given to the children.


Please keep popping back to this page for updated information as well as supplementary activities.


Reading: As part of this, children could do daily reading. Reading resources can be  found on Ebooks and Oxford Reading Buddy or you can read any texts that you have available at home. We will also be giving the children access to past SATs papers and these can be found below.


Maths: Children can also practise their times tables by using Times Table Rock Stars and past SATs papers for arithmetic and reasoning can be found below.


SpaG - Past SATs paper can be found below.


All SATs papers are in PDF format which enables you to print them off . If you do not have a printer or your child would prefer to answer the questions on the PDF and then save it onto a computer, they simply open the PDF document, go to Tools on the navigation bar and select  'Fill and sign'. This will then enable them to write text into the pdf.

If you have any problem, please let the Year 6 team know and we will help where possible.


Thank you,

Year 6 Team

Dear Parents/Children,

Please find below Maths, reading, writing and SpaG activities to complete for Week 1 of the school closure. These materials have been set up to enable home learning to take place. Where possible, a PowerPoint presentation has been included that you may want as a teaching aid to revise key concepts particularly in maths. Otherwise, the booklets have revision areas that teach the key concepts. Answer booklets are also included for self marking where possible.

These materials will not be removed, so you can keep coming back to access different parts.

The Year 6 teaching team will be adding more work and areas of learning for each additional week the school is closed so please come back and check regularly.

Please be aware - we understand that the Key Stage 2 SATs tests have been cancelled so please do not be alarmed where this is mentioned in the attached documents (KS2 SATs survival revision etc). As you can appreciate resources online will not have had time to take this off their materials.


Many thanks for your continued support - The Year 6 Team.

SpaG (Spelling and Grammar) - Week 1 - 23rd March



We have uploaded some electricity and Animals including humans lessons for you. Each lesson folder included printable PDF worksheets as well as a lesson plan if you wanted to read it through with your children.

There are also PowerPoint presentations which guide you through the learning.


Year 6 is led by Mr McBride who also teaches Drake Class with Mrs McDade teaching in Cook Class and Mr White teaching in Blake Class over at the Kirk campus. Additionally we also have Mrs Webb who will be teaching in the mornings.


The teachers are supported in Year 6 by a terrific team of TA's – Miss Gillan and Mrs Allot (Drake), Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Crisp (Cook) Ms Selby and Ms O’Mara (Blake)


We are all really excited to welcome all of the students into Year 6 in what we are sure will be a fun packed, exciting year ahead.


Welcome to Spring Two


Last half term was another busy time for Year 6.  We have been so impressed with the hard work and focus of all the children. 

In geography we learnt about how the weather effects people’s lives around the world.  We travelled from the Antarctic (where the polar ice cap is melting) to Australia (where bush fires are becoming more prevalent) and discussed the effects of global warming on the world.

This term is as busy as ever in the lead up to SATs week in May. A reminder that the dates for this are Monday 11th—Thursday 14th May.


Home Learning

In the build up to SATs children will be getting Maths and English homework every Friday.  Homework is due on a Thursday when we go through it as a class. The homework is designed to reinforce the work we do in class and therefore it is important that the children complete all the homework each week. 


Our main topic for this half term is ‘Electricity’ and light’.  The children will be learning all about circuits and what factors affect the brightness of a bulb. They will be making their own circuits and learning how

to draw the correct symbols for each component. They get to experiment with how we can see light and  how this relates to reflection and the ability to ‘see round corner’.


PE this term is on a Monday and a Friday - but please make sure PE kit is in school all week.


Dates for the diary

Wednesday 4th March—Fire Service in to work with Year 6

Thursday 5th March—World Book Day. Come dressed as your favourite book character.

Tuesday 17th March—Test Valley Borough Council in to work with Year 5/6 in relation to recycling awareness

Friday 20th March—Odd Socks Day for Down Syndrome Awareness—£1 donation to wear odd socks


As always, please come and speak to any of us in Year 6 if you have any concerns or questions.



If you have any queries or questions that you would like to discuss about your child's learning, please do not hesitate to come and speak to us once we have made sure all the students have been collected safely. If you require more time we will be happy to arrange a time that is appropriate to you, to discuss further.

Calshot - the final chapter

Calshot - the final chapter 1
Calshot - the final chapter 2
Calshot - the final chapter 3
Calshot - the final chapter 4
Calshot - the final chapter 5
Calshot - the final chapter 6
Calshot - the final chapter 7
Calshot - the final chapter 8
Calshot - the final chapter 9
Calshot - the final chapter 10
Calshot - the final chapter 11
Calshot - the final chapter 12
Calshot - the final chapter 13
Calshot - the final chapter 14
Calshot - the final chapter 15
Calshot - the final chapter 16
Calshot - the final chapter 17
Calshot - the final chapter 18
Calshot - the final chapter 19
Calshot - the final chapter 20
Calshot - the final chapter 21
Calshot - the final chapter 22
Calshot - the final chapter 23
Calshot - the final chapter 24
Calshot - the final chapter 25
Calshot - the final chapter 26
Calshot - the final chapter 27
Calshot - the final chapter 28
Calshot - the final chapter 29
Calshot - the final chapter 30
Calshot - the final chapter 31
Calshot - the final chapter 32
Calshot - the final chapter 33
Calshot - the final chapter 34
Calshot - the final chapter 35
Calshot - the final chapter 36
Calshot - the final chapter 37
Calshot - the final chapter 38
Calshot - the final chapter 39
Calshot - the final chapter 40
Calshot - the final chapter 41
Calshot - the final chapter 42
Calshot - the final chapter 43
Calshot - the final chapter 44
Calshot - the final chapter 45
Calshot - the final chapter 46
Calshot - the final chapter 47
Calshot - the final chapter 48
Calshot - the final chapter 49
Calshot - the final chapter 50
Calshot - the final chapter 51
Calshot - the final chapter 52
Calshot - the final chapter 53
Calshot - the final chapter 54
Calshot - the final chapter 55
Calshot - the final chapter 56
Calshot - the final chapter 57
Calshot - the final chapter 58
Calshot - the final chapter 59
Calshot - the final chapter 60
Calshot - the final chapter 61
Calshot - the final chapter 62
Calshot - the final chapter 63
Calshot - the final chapter 64
Calshot - the final chapter 65
Calshot - the final chapter 66
Calshot - the final chapter 67
Calshot - the final chapter 68
Calshot - the final chapter 69
Calshot - the final chapter 70
Calshot - the final chapter 71
Calshot - the final chapter 72
Calshot - the final chapter 73
Calshot - the final chapter 74
Calshot - the final chapter 75
Calshot - the final chapter 76
Calshot - the final chapter 77
Calshot - the final chapter 78
Calshot - the final chapter 79

Calshot Part 4

Calshot Part 4 1
Calshot Part 4 2
Calshot Part 4 3
Calshot Part 4 4
Calshot Part 4 5
Calshot Part 4 6
Calshot Part 4 7
Calshot Part 4 8
Calshot Part 4 9
Calshot Part 4 10
Calshot Part 4 11
Calshot Part 4 12
Calshot Part 4 13
Calshot Part 4 14
Calshot Part 4 15
Calshot Part 4 16
Calshot Part 4 17
Calshot Part 4 18
Calshot Part 4 19
Calshot Part 4 20
Calshot Part 4 21
Calshot Part 4 22
Calshot Part 4 23
Calshot Part 4 24
Calshot Part 4 25
Calshot Part 4 26
Calshot Part 4 27
Calshot Part 4 28
Calshot Part 4 29
Calshot Part 4 30
Calshot Part 4 31
Calshot Part 4 32
Calshot Part 4 33
Calshot Part 4 34
Calshot Part 4 35
Calshot Part 4 36
Calshot Part 4 37
Calshot Part 4 38
Calshot Part 4 39
Calshot Part 4 40
Calshot Part 4 41
Calshot Part 4 42
Calshot Part 4 43
Calshot Part 4 44
Calshot Part 4 45

Calshot Part 3

Calshot Part 3 1
Calshot Part 3 2
Calshot Part 3 3
Calshot Part 3 4
Calshot Part 3 5
Calshot Part 3 6
Calshot Part 3 7
Calshot Part 3 8
Calshot Part 3 9
Calshot Part 3 10
Calshot Part 3 11
Calshot Part 3 12
Calshot Part 3 13
Calshot Part 3 14
Calshot Part 3 15
Calshot Part 3 16
Calshot Part 3 17
Calshot Part 3 18
Calshot Part 3 19
Calshot Part 3 20
Calshot Part 3 21
Calshot Part 3 22
Calshot Part 3 23
Calshot Part 3 24
Calshot Part 3 25
Calshot Part 3 26
Calshot Part 3 27
Calshot Part 3 28
Calshot Part 3 29
Calshot Part 3 30
Calshot Part 3 31

Calshot Part 2

Calshot Part 2 1
Calshot Part 2 2
Calshot Part 2 3
Calshot Part 2 4
Calshot Part 2 5
Calshot Part 2 6
Calshot Part 2 7
Calshot Part 2 8
Calshot Part 2 9
Calshot Part 2 10
Calshot Part 2 11
Calshot Part 2 12
Calshot Part 2 13
Calshot Part 2 14
Calshot Part 2 15
Calshot Part 2 16
Calshot Part 2 17
Calshot Part 2 18
Calshot Part 2 19
Calshot Part 2 20
Calshot Part 2 21
Calshot Part 2 22
Calshot Part 2 23
Calshot Part 2 24
Calshot Part 2 25
Calshot Part 2 26
Calshot Part 2 27
Calshot Part 2 28

Calshot Part One

Calshot Part One 1
Calshot Part One 2
Calshot Part One 3
Calshot Part One 4
Calshot Part One 5
Calshot Part One 6
Calshot Part One 7
Calshot Part One 8
Calshot Part One 9
Calshot Part One 10
Calshot Part One 11
Calshot Part One 12
Calshot Part One 13
Calshot Part One 14
Calshot Part One 15
Calshot Part One 16
Calshot Part One 17
Calshot Part One 18
Calshot Part One 19
Calshot Part One 20
Calshot Part One 21
Calshot Part One 22
Calshot Part One 23
Calshot Part One 24
Calshot Part One 25
Calshot Part One 26
Calshot Part One 27
Calshot Part One 28
Calshot Part One 29
Calshot Part One 30
Calshot Part One 31
Calshot Part One 32
Calshot Part One 33
Calshot Part One 34
Calshot Part One 35