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“Safe, inclusive sessions for service children to experience different learning opportunities in a fun, interactive way” 

 -Making a Difference together   






    Mrs Brown                                                                                                   Mr Main

            Founder & Co-Director                                                                         Endeavour Forces Lead


We are extremely proud to count military families as part of our school community and seek to ensure the children’s learning and pastoral care is consistent and continuous during their time at Endeavour Primary School.  We recognise that moving home and school can be a traumatic time and work to reduce the impact this transition may have on our pupils.


At Endeavour we work closely with Mrs Brown who is Founder and Co-Director of Forces Club Ltd. Mrs Brown is devoted to working with children who are part of a military family to ensure they are supported with weekly sessions. Mr Main is our Endeavour Forces Lead.  Mrs Brown & Mr Main work together to create fun activities for the children. 


At the beginning of each term the children begin a new topic. They have already covered fun science experiments whilst learning about chemical reactions and using volcano models to demonstrate this, Geography where they have learnt all about c-section of a volcano which includes locations and map reading and finally in History, the children have learnt how to research and investigate the past. This has included exploring the use of propaganda and look how the events have changed the past.


At Forces Club children enjoy having weekly sleepovers with the club bear, they can also complete a journal during their time with the bear to share with the everyone, at the next weekly session. 





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