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Year R

Welcome to Year R Pages

Columbus, Hillary and Attenborough

Welcome to Year R.


In Columbus Class the class teacher is Mrs Braxton and the teaching assistant is Miss Pigrome


In Hilary Class the class teacher is Mrs Adams and the teaching assistant is Miss O'Sullivan.


Mrs McTiernan helps out in both Hilary and Columbus Class.


In Attenborough Class the class teacher is Miss Colclough and the teaching assistants are Mrs Main and Miss Thompson.


We love coming to school where we have a mixture of adult led and child initiated play. Please see the photos below to see how much fun we have at school: 

Picture 1 Learning about colour mixing
Picture 2 Stirring the ingredients for the gingerbread man
Picture 3 Rolling out the dough for the gingerbread man
Picture 4 Look at my yummy gingerbread man!
Picture 5 Messy time, investigating flour and water
Picture 6 Building a bridge for the Gingerbread Man
Picture 7 New snack area, now having more selection of food
Picture 8 Practising writing a caption
Picture 9 Food tasting - prawn crackers
Picture 10 Food tasting, yummy noodles
Picture 11 What an amazing chinese lantern!
Picture 12 Using concrete resources to help with adding
Picture 13 Using the new outdoor construction to build a ship
Picture 14 Making eight for the octopus
Picture 15 Constructing a pirate ship with lego
Picture 16 We had lots of fun making maps for the pirates
Spring 1 - We have had so much fun this half term with all our different topics including Animals and their habitats, The Gingerbread Man, Chinese New Year and Pirates.

Autumn 2

Autumn 2 1 Transport -The children made amazing boats outside
Autumn 2 2 We have been building race tracks for the cars
Autumn 2 3 Do you like our princess castle?
Autumn 2 4 Transport- Completing a maths puzzle
Autumn 2 5 Making a superhero city using numicon
Autumn 2 6 I matched words and pictures on my own.
Autumn 2 7 I matched words and pictures with some friends
Autumn 2 8 We have been learning to make and write our names
Autumn 2 9 We have been learning to read and write CVC words
Autumn 2 10 We have been learning all about 'Supertato.'
Autumn 2 11 We made our own super vegtables
Autumn 2 12 We even made vegetable soup
Autumn 2 13 We cut up the vegetables safely and effectively
Autumn 2 14 We put in lots of healthy vegetables
Autumn 2 15 We loved reading the book to each other
Autumn 2 16 We even read the book to our super vegetables
Autumn 2 17 We enjoy being creative in lots of different ways
Autumn 2 18 Santa came to visit us at school.
Autumn 2 19 He gave us a present
Autumn 2 20 We have finished our Nativity performances.

Autumn 1

Autumn 1 1 We enjoy building with many different materials
Autumn 1 2 We have made lots of new friends.
Autumn 1 3 We have been devloping our gross motor
Autumn 1 4 We love to play outside
Autumn 1 5