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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Newton, Ford, Morpurgo and Dahl

We are very happy to welcome back the Year 3 children for the start of their KS2 adventures!


At King we have

Ford Class - Teacher and Year Leader (Mr McBride) - Class TA (Mrs Frogett)


Newton Class - Teacher (Mr Abbott) - Class TA (Mrs O'Sullivan)


At Kirk we have

Dahl Class - Teacher (Miss Carswell) - Class TA (Mrs O'Mara)

Morpurgo Class - Teacher (Miss Atkinson) - Class TA (Mrs Rice)


In Autumn 1 term we are doing 2 projects. One is PSHE based about 'Changes' and exploring how our emotions change as we go through big changes in our lives. The second is a history topic 'Can You Dig It?' when we will explore history of the Stone, Iron and Bronze ages.


Please always speak to the class teacher in the first instance of you have any issues. If anything remains unresolved please then contact the Year Leader before then speaking to the Heads of Campus or Head Teacher. We are here to help and our doors are open.

Autumn 2


Our project this half term is called 'It's all fun and games.'

This is a design and technology project and the children will be reviewing board games and then building their own board game using their scientific knowledge of magnets.

Google Classrooms


We are now using Google Classroom for our remote learning. Each week work will be added to the platform so children are able to access everything we do in school at home. 

Access Google Classroom: 


Ford Classroom Code: heku4fk

Newton Classroom Code: ha3w7nm

Morpurgo Classroom Code: mubhzf3

Dahl Classroom Code: jcsl4f6

Home-Learning for any children who are self-isolating.

Home Learning - 19th October


This week the children are learning how to write instructions. We are writing instructions about how to make fire the Stone Age Way and Stone Age Stew. Can the children at home write a set of instructions for either of these? Can they use 'bossy' verbs and time connectives - activities on this have been set on purplemash.


They can also have a go at Cave Painting or research cave paintings on the internet. Where can cave paintings from the Stone Age still be seen? What did they paint? Why do you think they painted those things?


In maths we are looking at measurement. Can the children measure things around the house with a ruler in cm and mm? We are also starting to look at perimeter. Can the children measure the perimeter of different items? books etc. Tasks have also been set on purplemash for measurement.

Home learning if self-isolating.

If any children in Year 3 are self-isolating , in the first instance, please look at the work that has been set for you on purplemash. This will be updated weekly. We will also send work connected to our project for you to complete at home. Here are some other ideas you could try linked to our 'Can You Dig It?' project.


- The Stone Age people invented the wheel. Design and build something that uses wheels and think about how big the change was when the wheel was invented.

- The Stone Age people created cave art. Research cave art on the internet and then create your own piece of cave art to show us when you come back to school. What will your represent?

- Write a diary entry as if you were a Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age child. What would a typical day be like? How might you feel?


There are also activities on the Home Learning sheet which can be found in the Home Learning section.

Paul Nolan visit to Kirk campus

Constructing a fire like a pre-historic Britain - Kirk campus

Our favourite pieces of work from the 'Can You Dig It' project - Kirk campus

Listen2Me Outcome - King

Still image for this video