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Year 3

Working from home


Endeavour Primary School is now partially closed and we are therefore providing remote learning via the school website and through Purple Mash. Purple Mash will be updated daily and the website will be updated every two weeks (each project is designed to last two weeks)


If you need to contact your child's class teacher during the partial closure then please do so via email ( In the subject line please put you child's class and their teacher for example: FOA Mrs Bailey Anning. This will help us manage the emails coming in.


All year groups projects/activities are available so please feel free to use all resources available to you. We have also added a comprehensive list of websites and activities to the Pupil Zone.


Many thanks,

The Year 3 Team

Stone Age Living Musuem Invite to parents and carers



Welcome to Year 3!


Newton Class is being taught by Mr Abbott and Ford Class is being taught by Miss Cartwright.


The teachers are supported in Year 3 by a terrific team - Mrs Mitchell (Newton), Miss Froggett (Ford) and Mrs Ollerhead (Ford).


We are all really excited to welcome all of the students into Year 3 for an exciting journey ahead, with lots of new challenges and new opportunities enabling them to be curious and explore new and exciting projects.



After finding a message in a bottle from Shackleton, we were inspired to find out all about his expedition to Antarctica, and have decided to create our own survival guides. We will be exploring Shackleton’s journey to Antarctica and showing our understanding through letters and newspaper reports. We will then explore where Antarctica is located, its physical landscape and climate, helping us to consider what clothing would be suitable for an expedition like this. Finally, we will create menus for Shackleton’s crew that provide them with a balanced diet. Once we have collected all of the information needed, we will put it all into one handy survival guide, ready to share with our parents and carers in a recreation of an Antarctic base.


Home Learning

As Cold As Ice

As we are learning about Ernest Shackleton, who completed many expeditions to Antarctica, we understand that his journeys have had a big impact on our Geographical understanding. As he is an inspirational figure, for you homework we would like you to present in any way you like, who is inspirational to you?

Due in: Monday 23rd March 2020

The children will also be getting weekly spellings and timetable practice. Spellings will be put into your child’s diary every Friday to be tested on the following Thursday. Times tables will also be tested on Thursday.

We also ask that you please read with your child at least 4 times a week and sign your child’s home school diary. If they read 4 times of more a week they will be given a raffle ticket and entered into a prize draw.

Lastly, we have put logins in your child’s diary for Oxford Reading Buddy, Times Table Rock Stars and Purple Mash. We will be using these online resource during school but your child will be able to use these at home to support their learning.



Ford: Ford PE sessions will be held on a Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon. The morning session will be with Mr Stow doing indoor PE and Thursdays session will be outdoor PE with Miss Cartwright.

Newton: Newton PE sessions will be held on a Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. On Wednesday we will be doing indoor PE and Thursday will be outdoor PE both taught by Mr Abbott.

Please make sure your child has appropriate PE uniform with suitable shoes. Your child’s PE kit should be in every day in case of any timetable changes.



Year 3 are very fortunate this year to be taught Music by Hampshire Music service. Music will be every Friday taught by Mrs Gooding. We will be continuing with Keyboards this term. At the end of the Spring term a concert will be organised for parents and families to attend. A date and time for the concert will be confirmed as soon as possible..


Forest School

We do not have forest school this half term.


Other information

Just a reminder the reading challenge is underway, your children has been given a reading challenge sheet to complete. If children complete the challenge at the end of the academic year they will receive a certificate and be entered into a prize draw. So lets get reading! If anyone has lost the reading challenge sheet, please ask their class teacher for a new one.

Lastly, Parents and Guardians, please if you have any concerns or questions your first port of call is your child’s class teacher. If the class teacher is unable to help then you must speak to the Year Lead. After that, this could be passed to a member of SLT and then the Deputy Head or Head Teacher.


Dates for the diary

5th March— World Book Day

17th March - Parents Evening at 3.30pm—7pm

19th March - Parents Evening at 3.30pm—5.30pm

20th March—Odd socks day for down syndrome awareness

27th March—As Cold As Ice project outcome

31st March—Ford and Newton class trip to St Mary Bourne

2nd April - Easter Disco

3rd April—Keyboard Music Concert (timings to be confirmed)

6th April - 17th April– Easter Holidays

8th May - VE Day, School Closed

25th May - 29th May- Half Term

1st June - Inset Day 5

11th June - Prince and Princess Disco

16th July - Superhero Disco

22nd July - Last Day of School


Year Group Newsletters 2019/20

The Age of Bronze

Author Visit


Today, Year 3 enjoyed a visit from an author, Paul Nolan, who delivered a history and writing workshop.

The history workshop gave the children the opportunity to work together and make 'foam'henge. They worked as a team to build foamhenge using the techniques that the Neolithic people would have used.


During the writing workshop, the children performed a section of the story, 'The Age of Bronze' and then were able to plan and write their own Stone Age stories.


All children really enjoyed the visit and it has allowed them to have a better understanding of how Neolithic people lived and the types of equipment that would have been used in the Stone Age.


Stonehenge Trip


Year 3 visited Stonehenge for their school trip this year, linked to our Stone Age project. It was a very successful day and the children were extremely engaged and enthusiastic throughout the day.

The children took part in a Neolithic life workshop where they looked at how Stonehenge was built, different artefacts that were found, how they made rope, fences and houses and also got to make flour by crushing wheat with a large stone.

The children were fascinated when walking around the stones because of how large they were. All children enjoyed the whole day and the weather even held off which was great!

Every child did Endeavour proud and this trip will remain a highlight of Year 3.


Stone Age Jewellery


This week Year 3 have designed and made their own Stone Age necklaces using clay. They have really enjoyed making the necklaces for our project. We cannot wait to show them off at our living museum!



Stone Age Living Museum


Last week, Ford and Newton were very busy preparing for their Stone Age Living Museum. The Living Museum was on Thursday and was a great success. Parents and Carers gave the children fantastic feedback.

The Year 3 team are immensely proud of how well the children demonstrated to their families how much they had learnt.

We are all very much looking forward to starting our next project.


It's all Fun and Game Outcome


Well done Ford and Newton, your board games were amazing and we have received such positive feedback from parents and carers.


African Drums Concert

Revolting Rhymes


Year 3 have begun their new project where we decided to make something REALLY REVOLTING....


We enjoyed making our oozy, gooey and snotty mixture preparing our brain to get thinking of revolting things to support our story and poetry writing.



Revolting Rhymes Project Outcome


The children really enjoyed sharing their shadow puppets alongside their revolting rhymes. They all did a brilliant job and the Year 3 team are very proud of what they achieved. Well done!

Revolting Rhymes Project Outcome