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The Endeavour Early Years Vision


The Early Years of a child’s education is pivotal in the development of the child. They learn; how to communicate with others; how to recognise how they are feeling and recognise how others are feeling; how to move safely and with control; how to develop an enquiring mind with a thirst for knowledge. They also learn to develop early reading skills with increasing phonic knowledge, develop a mathematical understanding of numbers, problem solving and reasoning skills as well as fostering a sense of creativity and imagination.


At Endeavour these are tied into our Aspirations, to which there are 8, and they form the basis of the Early Years Curriculum that is delivered at Endeavour Primary School. 


The gap between disadvantaged children and their peers in Communication and Language is smallest in EYFS than in other years (Rowland, M, Addressing Educational Disadvantage in schools and colleges: 2021) so it is paramount that the children have a language rich environment with adult experts modelling the highest quality language when talking with children. By ensuring this, all children will have the skills and knowledge that they need as they progress through school and enable them to change their world.


The challenges of operating an EYFS provision across two campuses means that effective communication between the bases has to be regular and prioritised to ensure that there is consistency between the two. 


Our Early Years Aspirations