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Year R 2024 Admissions


We look forward to welcoming all our new families to Endeavour.


What will I need to do to join Endeavour Primary School?

Your first, and most important step, is to come and have a look around.  In doing this, you will get a feel for the school you are joining.  During your visit, you will be able to look around the school, talk to staff and children. 


Year R

As soon as you have your place confirmed, we will contact you to invite you in to answer all the questions you will have about your child starting school.  


Coming from another school

We will ensure there are opportunities for your child to visit before they join us full time.  We will also work closely with you to ensure we have as much information as we can to ensure that your child settles in quickly and happily.


If you are making an 'in-year' application, please contact the admin team initially to find out if we have spaces.  If we have you will need to apply via the Admissions Team at Hampshire County Council.


For all admission enquiries, please contact:

Endeavour Primary School: Miss Jenny Whitehouse 01264 310458 email:


You can click on the links below or click here to visit our Policies and Procedures page.